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Hello! My name is Tuffy!

I was named Tuffy because I survived predators in the wilderness such as bobcats, coyotes, and cougars. Some uncaring people abandoned me, along with my late siblings, on a rural country road when we were only 6 weeks old, barely weaned from Momma. But now that I found and adopted my new masters, my main job is to generally get under foot, and tell you a little bit about them.

I also have a younger but bigger sister, Tina III, who helps me. She's around here somewhere. She's one of those sophisticated ladies (humph!) ~~~ a real pedigree German Shepherd. When you shake hands/paws with her, you know you've been shook!

~~~ Me? ~~~
I'm just a lovable mutt with mixed Shepherd and Chow genes.

In 1967 my master and his wife established and successfully operated a retail custom picture frame shop and art gallery business. Shortly after this time they served an apprenticeship under, and learned the compo process from, a well-known master in the compo trade. Their mentor himself was introduced to the compo process in his twenties, and was still involved 80 years later, before he passed over at the age of 101 years. Their "hand's on" training under their mentor's supervision was invaluable to them. Later they introduced a successful complimentary decorative wood inlay banding process to their business, and remained active in the retail trade right up to "retirement" time.

Now "retired" from active retailing, my master decided to chronicle their experiences by writing and self-publishing "how-to, self-help" books, PDF and audio CDs. In his books he shares almost forgotten techniques and unique "hard-to-find" processes and procedures with you. Among some of his other subject matter, he has written two books, one in printed format, and one in audio format, in a non-religious, non-denominational manner. He compares four dynasties as described in the Book of Revelation with modern day political, religious, educational, and economical perspectives. The audio CD contains over six hours of information seldom considered in today's "religious" society.

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